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Delving into Techno-Myth

Have you ever wondered how our ancient myths and legends might change if they were set in a modern, technological world? It’s an interesting thought experiment and one that Michael A. Rodriguez explores in his book, Techno-Myth. This blog post features our Q&A session with the author and grants readers some insight into the creation of his new book, coming out on February 8th.

Note: This interview was conducted via email. The following answers from Michael A. Rodriguez are not direct quotes, but rather short responses synthesized into complete sentences.

What inspired Techno-Myth?

Michael A. Rodriguez: Elements of my inspiration behind the creation of Techno-Myth were inspired by The Shannara Chronicles, The Lord of the Rings, Mass Effect, and Crysis.


During a prior conversation with Michael, I was very excited to ask him about the homage to Mass Effect featured in his work. I believe I can say Mass Effect, at one point, was my number one game series, alongside the Soulsborne games. Especially considering the fact my younger self got two Mass Effect related tattoos as soon as I legally could.

If you’re also a fan of Michael’s listed inspirations, you’ll enjoy reading Techno-Myth.

How would you describe your book?

Michael A. Rodriguez: Techno-Myth is a thrilling adventure filled with action. This story follows the journey of when a group of knights, wizards, and those of other specialties meet a group of space explorers. 


When worlds collide; another way to describe Techno-Myth. Michael does a great job at crafting a story that revolves around the uncertainty, shifting dynamics, and yet the shared humanity between two groups of people that know nothing of the other’s way of life as they work together to unravel the mysteries of the past.

What can your readers look forward to in the future? 

Michael A. Rodriguez: I am currently working on a sequel to Techno-Myth with the intention of a trilogy. I am also working on a book of short stories and two other novels. One is based on the Cthulhu Mythos, and the other is based on the idea of merging cyberpunk and vampires. 

How did you evolve as a writer while writing this book?

Michael A. Rodriguez: When I started writing, I constantly hit dead ends. Techno-Myth taught me I was capable of finishing a story and wasn’t condemned forever to write half-pieces. It also taught me a wonderful lesson in patience and belief in myself and my ability to tell a story. 

What personal barriers did you have to overcome to reach this point? 

Michael A. Rodriguez: I have gone through two years of college, a failed relationship, the death of two close family members, and working jobs that did not fulfill me before reaching this point.


When we walk into a bookstore its not often we consider: How long did it take this author to write this book, and what has the author personally faced between writing the first word and finishing? Often, it’s overwhelming browsing all the options when looking for something to read. It becomes easy for our eyes to gloss over endless titles and covers. 

Next time you’re in a bookstore, look around and think of how many years sit on those shelves. How many graduations? How many new families? How many lost loved ones? 

How much achievement? How much joy? How much sorrow?

Each story sits on a story of itself; the story of its author.

Over two years since starting Techno-Myth, Michael A. Rodriguez and Wandering Minds Publishing are ready and excited for its release on February 8th, 2023

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