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Evelyn King’s The Chronicles of Keon: The Oracle

Available January 25th, 2023 in paperback or eBook via Wandering Minds Publishing’s store page.

Evelyn King is a gracious author who took a chance on a small, up-and-coming publishing house to re-publish her book, The Chronicles of Keon: The Oracle. Before I continue to my thoughts on her upcoming release, I’d like to highlight this first point a bit more, and our experience working with Evelyn.

Evelyn approached this company looking for help republishing her book after less-than-ideal experiences self-publishing through Amazon. She was one of the first three or four authors to contact us, so we were more than happy to help her out. I can’t highlight enough how truly honored we are that she chose us for this project given that, at the time, we had little social proof backing us up. All we had to show for was our base website, much smaller than it is now, and maybe some mostly empty social media accounts, if any at all. Nonetheless, she agreed to meet with us via zoom, and we were able to establish the working relationship we have today. Eventually, it was through our partnership and her book, The Oracle, that inspired Wandering Minds Publishing to pursue in-house printing, an operation limited to paperbacks but sure to grow with time. To that, I once again say thank you, Evelyn. 

Before I turn to my thoughts on The Chronicles of Keon: The Oracle, I’d like to remind familiar faces and share with newcomers the following official description:


They pushed away the Mystics, leaving a single dangerous island as the only home for those that didn’t retreat into their magical realm.

They fought wars to force villages to unite out of fear of being erased from the map.

The only threat left was the pirates, at least until their leader, Silus, was murdered at the King’s hands. That was when Prince Tallyn lost the final shred of hope he had left for his kingdom. It pushed him to abdicate the crown to his younger brother and consume himself in studies of the Myst. He always dreamed of adventure and life free of his crown…until the dreams became too realistic.

With Silus gone, Keon was meant to be safe, but now rumors of his child have begun to circle the kingdom. The child is after an ancient Mystic being long extinct from Keon, and they need Tallyn’s help.

We are beyond excited for readers to join the characters’ hunt for the power of The Oracle and uncover the truth behind some of Keon’s most well-kept secrets. 

Having read this book myself, I find it incredibly difficult to hold in my favorite parts of the story! This is one of those books you’ll want to sit down and talk with your friends about after. I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this book, so I can finally talk about when the characters stumble across my favorite town! Oh, you don’t even know. 

It’s been a pleasure witnessing this story come alive in her words, and look forward to what comes next. So don’t forget to pick up a copy when it launches Wednesday, January 25th! Thanks again, Evelyn King for trusting us with your work. So much has changed since we first started working together, and I can’t wait to see how much further we’ll go in the future!

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