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Frequently Asked Questions

What genres do you accept?

We do not accept erotic material, poetry, children’s books, and the following non-fiction genres: Science & Technology, Academic, Travel, Food & Drink, Religion, and Political.

When can we contact you?

Emails and phone calls will be monitored during regular business hours Monday – Friday. Text messages will be monitored daily. Texts received on weekends may received a more delayed response than texts received during the week.

How should I submit my work?

Visit the “Submit Your Work” page of this website, fill out the online submission form, and email all relevant files to info@wanderingmindspublishing.com.

Do you accept foreign language submissions?

At the moment, we are only accepting submissions written in English. This may be subject to change in the future.

Are there any formatting requirements for submission?

We do not require authors to follow strict formatting and stylizing requirements prior to submission. We just encourage that your work uses a readable font, is a readable size, and is more or less structured naturally.

How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed?

At the moment, we can begin reviewing work within 24 hours of their submission. Once this process begins, the author is emailed a projected timeline on when to expect a final decision.

Can I schedule a meeting?

Our business operates exclusively online in order to reach the most aspiring authors (and because working from home is pretty nice). If you wish to conduct a 1:1 virtual meeting please email info@wandermindspublishing.

If I mail my submission, will I get it back?

If you submit through mail, please include instructions on how you wish your work to be handled. We will return it upon request, and every mail submission will be informed of the option.

Do I need a Literary Agent?

No, not all authors have the access or resources to work with literary agents, therefore, we do not require this.

Can I resubmit my work if I have been rejected?

We hope to establish a long-lasting supportive relationship with our authors, including ones that were unable to complete the publishing process. We will continue to support you through your literary journey and authors are welcome to resubmit work.