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Ashley Keeler’s first major writing project was a 300-page novel she submitted in 6th grade to the county’s annual Young Author’s Faire. A recent trip to her hometown of Costa Mesa, California revealed to her the legacy she unknowingly left behind: a length cap on the contest submissions. She hopes to continue to fulfill this legacy in the real world with the help of her two cats, Vidia and Orchid, and the assistance of whichever ne’er-do-wells she comes across in her day to day. 

Instagram: @butiwilltellyou
Facebook: Ashley Keeler
Tiktok: @thisissoupformyfamily  

2008 is reserved for tears, for tearing families apart. For families tearing themselves apart.

Diana Lyslie’s biggest middle school issue is surprisingly not her epilepsy, bipolar disorder, or the strange classmate she and her friends can’t figure out: it’s that her parents took advantage of Nebraska’s new Safe Haven law and ditched her at a local hospital. Now in the care of Ms. Lands, her jaded former math teacher, Diana is strangely comforted by the unfamiliar calmness that surrounds her at home, even if she doesn’t have Lands and her ominous behavior completely figured out yet. As she strives to save face for her classmates and repair the splintering relationships with the siblings she was forced to leave behind, Diana finds herself relying on the comforts of home, where Ms. Lands is becoming more and more like the mother Diana always wished she could have… one that can help remind her to take her medicine on time.

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