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Brandon is an author from Western New York with a love for all things writing and gaming. Previously working with esports outlets like ESTNN, Esports.GG, and The Game Haus, Brandon has a unique field of experience that has combined his two biggest passions together in a fulfilling way. When he isn’t writing, he can be found grinding in games like RuneScape and Final Fantasy XIV, adventuring through a Dungeons & Dragons universe, or reading some of his favorite Japanese light novel series, such as Reki Kawahara’s “Sword Art Online” and Isuna Hasekura’s “Spice & Wolf.”

Max, may seem uninspired, but within the virtual reality MMORPG Imperium: Adventure Reality, Max lives his dreams as Maximillian, one of the most accomplished players in the game’s playerbase.

Tensions rise between him and his father as they debate Max’s future. All while Maximillian, his friend Amaya, and the friendly players they meet along the way are faced with a reality-altering quest they didn’t ask for.

Is Imperium just a game? Or could it be so much more?

IAR Front cover.