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Felicity Anderson is a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, holding Bachelor’s degrees in both Political Science and Philosophy. Her first encounter with philosophy during her university years ignited a fervent drive to amplify the significance of non-cognitive education within public institutions.

Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she earned her Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. There, she acquired extensive skills in statistical research methods, economics, and data analysis. As she delved into her career, Felicity took on the role of a policy analyst for a start-up consulting firm, where she championed various diversity, equity, and inclusion projects across the nation.

Despite the valuable contributions she was making, Felicity often felt the constraints of entry-level positions. A constant internal tug-of-war between the trajectory of her educational pursuits and her burning desire to make a more profound impact eventually led her to a realization. This epiphant moment allowed her to merge her passion and skills, leading her to the work she does today.

In the idyllic coastal town of Bannister’s Edge, life is quaint and predictable until the charismatic psychologist, Dr. Elias Stroud arrives. Establishing the “Harmony Center,” a mental wellness facility offering revolutionary therapy, Dr. Stroud captivates the town with his innovative methods and enchanting demeanor.

Enter Annabeth Thorne, a reclusive author plagued with writer’s block and anxiety. Tempted by Dr. Stroud’s revolutionary therapy known as ‘Subconscious Diving,’ she signs up, hoping to escape her mental impasse. This groundbreaking therapy propels patients into the labyrinthine recesses of their minds to confront and conquer their deepest fears.

However, Annabeth’s therapeutic journey veers off the beaten path. Instead of facing past fears, she encounters distorted versions of her fellow townsfolk and chilling predictions of the future. These harrowing visions bleed into her reality, blurring the lines between the physical and psychological world.

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Step into a magical land of mystery where love, family, and wonder await you. Join a young adventurer, a brave boy with a heart full of curiosity, as he journeys through the eerie swamp to visit his great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s cottage, where secrets and adventures past are shared. But this isn’t just any grandmother: she’s a Lich, a spellcaster full of magic and kindness. With grandma’s warmth and baking, fears are dispelled and invisible friends become real.