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Our Publishing Process

This page outlines what publishing with us will look like. Exploring your publishing options can be overwhelming. The benefit of working with us is that our authors receive full-time support and guidance throughout every stage of the publishing process, while maintaining a much larger influence over their work than is granted under traditional publishers. Read our process below for more information.

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Our Publishing Process 11

Send in Your Manuscript

When you are ready to start your publishing journey, send us your completed manuscript by filling out the form and following the instructions provided on our “Submit Your Work” page. Once your manuscript enters our initial review, an email will be sent notifying you, and you will be provided with an estimated timeframe for receiving our final decision.

Shake On It

If your manuscript is approved, we will enter contract negotiations. Our contracts are intentionally made to be flexible to the demands of each author. We will sit down with you and go over every section of the contract, explaining each section and answering any questions. Here you will mark any modifications you would like to see to the document and enclosed agreements. We will revisit the sections you highlighted, and you will be presented with the modified contract for your approval.

Approved Manuscript
Our Publishing Process 12
Graphic Design
Our Publishing Process 13

Edits and Art

After the contract is signed, work can begin. At this stage, editors will begin working with your manuscript. At the same time, we will be working with you and an approved skilled graphic designer to design your book cover. Most traditional publishing companies claim final say on the book’s cover art, but we leave that right to the author.

Format and Proofread

After final edits, your manuscript will enter the formatting stage where it will be prepared for print and/or digital distribution. This includes, but is not limited to, font, dimensions, and layout. Then, both parties will read over the work one last time to identify any errors and edits that need to be addressed.

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digital marketing
Our Publishing Process 15

Marketing and Promotion

At this point, a launch date will be chosen and the marketing stage will take over. During this time, we will present you with a marketing strategy for approval. Then, we begin conducting the agreed upon marketing services. These can include, but are not limited to, email campaigns, social media promotion, digital advertising, A/B testing, author website creation, and category and keyword research and analysis.


Following your publication date, marketing services will still be provided to boost the exposure and sales. We begin tracking your royalties and they are delivered to you at previously agreed upon times and frequencies.

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