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Imperium: Adventure Reality (Paperback)

(2 customer reviews)


Max, may seem uninspired, but within the virtual reality MMORPG Imperium: Adventure Reality, Max lives his dreams as Maximillian, one of the most accomplished players in the game’s playerbase.

Tensions rise between him and his father as they debate Max’s future. All while Maximillian, his friend Amaya, and the friendly players they meet along the way are faced with a reality-altering quest they didn’t ask for.

Is Imperium just a game? Or could it be so much more?

2 reviews for Imperium: Adventure Reality (Paperback)

  1. Avatar of Michele M.

    Michele M. (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great well-written adventure book! The characters are fun and have unique personalities which works great with the journeys they encounter together!
    Looking forward to a sequel.

  2. Avatar of Casey Webb

    Casey Webb (verified owner)

    From the first chapter to the last, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has the perfect amount of detail at every step to create an image of what was happening while still allowing room for your imagination to take off. The pace was great as well, I did not find myself at a drawn out moment just waiting to get back to a good section. It tied together both worlds for Max, having you deeply engaged in basically two different main characters. The characterization of the supporting roles was also excellent. Even through the serious action and drama, it still captured comedic moments (Whale’s not so timely …. Events). Once I finished the book I felt immersed into I:AR and all that comes with it, and more importantly what the future holds. The ending was a perfect wrap up while leaving you eager for what (hopefully) comes next.

    I’ve read many fantasy stories as it is my favorite genre, and this jumped up to one of my favorites of all time.
    5/5 stars recommended to any fantasy lovers.

    As for ages, I gave my copy to my 9 year old nephew to read. He has read up to Harry Potter level, which I:AR is slightly above that. But, he loved it. I only had to explain a couple acronyms or terms (more so on the fantasy creature side, such as Minotaur) And the aftermath was awesome, hearing him talk about this new “world” and all that’s in it. The creativity side of him has increased greatly.

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