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Leza of the Alpha Line (Paperback)

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Leza is a proud member of her pack, even only at the age of seventeen. She dreams of one day becoming Head Alpha, but for now she thinks her uncle does a pretty good job. That is until their sister pack is attacked, and Uncle suddenly isn’t taking action.

Leza decides to help her uncle by tracking down the group responsible — The Appointed — leading the pack straight to them; enacting justice for her people and all those victim to The Appointed.

Though her intentions were good, inexperience is her enemy, and she is quickly captured by an enemy with his own agenda.

She’s taken to their base camp where she has her first stand off with their leader, a powerful witch, Majie. Quick thinking helps Leza escape, and she frees a prisoner of Majie’s in the process.

The prisoner is a boy from the shape shifter community, and, inexplicably, he and Leza share a magical connection.

Through everything, Leza learns some devastating truths and must find the strength to do what she feels is right.

3 reviews for Leza of the Alpha Line (Paperback)

  1. Avatar of Ana Maria

    Ana Maria (store manager)

    ARC Review: Ana Maria

    This is my first time reading an ARC and my second time reading an indie book, and I have to say I don’t want this to be the last!

    The beginning of the book was a bit confusing and everything happened really fast. However, as the book goes on, you can see the author explaining the events in more detail and you get to connect more with the story and characters.

    During the first pages I thought the story would take one direction, more of an enemies to lovers sort of situation (if you know, you know), but in the end I’m really happy it didn’t and I was SCREAMING when we got interactions between the couple.

    I also loved reading about the potions because it was something I’d never encountered before.

    I wish we had gotten more descriptions during the battles/confrontations, since everything felt really rushed and the epic final battle was barely 2 pages. I would’ve liked to see everything happening and not just a beginning and end.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the story and I had a fun time with the characters, but I would’ve liked to see more development to both the story and characters. I know this is the author’s first book, and that’s probably the reason why I felt this way, so I hope she keeps writing and making her books even better.

    PS: I don’t know why but this book gave me teen wolf vibes. Also, I really like the cover.

  2. Avatar of Danielle Betts

    Danielle Betts (store manager)

    ARC Review: Danielle Betts

    Great first story by a new author. The plot was interesting and the magic community where you have vampires, wolves, shifters, and witches.

    Leza is a wolf who is determined to find out who attacked her pack but gets captured. Along the way she meets new friends one being a shifter who she has some magical connection to. Could they be mates? The way this was written to explain this connection was beautiful. My favorite character was Evander who I think is a sorcerer/witch he dabbles in potions, he showed a bit of sass and was quite funny! A very likeable character.

    Ok so the negatives, the reason for my 3 stars is I’ve read a lot of werewolf/shifter books and to me their was no connection around this. No shifting, no werewolf traits, no connection to her wolf which I found odd and a little disappointing. Nikolai did shift a couple of times into his animal but no description with these shift which I think is missing. Chapters were a little but short.

    Overall it was a quick easy read, nice style of writing, but I feel there is so much more potential with this story and with some tweaking on the details could be great!

  3. Avatar of rachelparrottmbahrm@gmail.com

    rachelparrottmbahrm@gmail.com (verified owner)

    This is my first time reading an indie book, and I absolutely loved it. The way the author described the scenes, I could vividly picture every detail in my mind like I was there with them. It was a quick read and very light and fun. The only thing that I would have changed was to see more character development and details to expand the story. I think it could have been a much longer book with a lot of details, or even a series. Again, loved this book, and when I picked it up, I could not put it down.

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