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Why a Silent World?

By Annait L. J.

Silence is a virtue. You don’t realize how grand and loud the rest of the world is until you stop to listen. Not only listen, but actively seek out the lesson surrounding you. Ameslan encompasses this ideology, ruminating and building off the basis of a silent human foundation.

In a sense, Ameslan isn’t a silent world. Birds, fae, all aspects of nature can communicate, chirp, and rustle in the breeze. They’re indigenous to the world so naturally, they’ve acclimated, unlike the Terrans, who’ve come from earth to Ameslan.

The Terrans are one of the few species incapable of verbal speech because of the air density of Ameslan. Much like climbing to the top of Mount Everest, it’s harder to speak and breathe in an environment until your body can adjust to the change. Human evolution is quick, but not rapid enough to automatically acclimate to the silent world. Hence, their continued silence throughout my series.

I’d like to clear up a possible misconception about Ameslan through this post. I have not written a deaf character in this series. Extensive research is required before I insert a character I cannot properly represent. I’d rather wait and create authenticity than rush and cause harm.

My characters can be categorized as mute apart from the few who can use the Old Tongue. Fear is a powerful tool used to enforce the status quo of silence. This is exactly why the Vocal Recognition Tests exist, to analyze brain waves in both the Wernicke and Broca area of the brain. Scientists compare the students’ results to Terrans in the past and move forward from there.

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